South Asia Shipping And Logistics

Driving The Economy

Your Unparalleled Logistics Partner since the last 2 decades

South Asia Shipping And Logistics

Driving The Economy

Your Unparalleled Logistics Partner since the last 2 decades

South Asia Shipping And Logistics

Taking on the World

Moving Forward as a Global Shipping and Logistics Leader

South Asia Shipping And Logistics

From Ports to Doors!

Your Go-To Shipping and Logistics Company covering every step of the process.

South Asia Shipping And Logistics

Shipping for Success

Streamline your Logistics to Build a Smarter, More Successful Future.

South Asia Shipping And Logistics

Keeping Your Cargo in Good Hands

Ensuring the Safe and Efficient Handling of your Shipments

South Asia Shipping And Logistics

Going the Extra Mile for You

A Logistics team dedicated to making sure your shipments arrive on time, every time.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Cleverly Combined
Take it through the sea

The core specialization of SASL Shipping is FCL cargo handling all types of containers and cargoes including special equipment. We also provide LCL consolidation to cater to the needs of the client who have small packages.

Road Freight

Get On The Road
Road/Rail Transportation

SASL ensures trailer-on-flat-car service which has climate-controlled trailers for perishable products that need protection from the heat or cold. Non-perishable or general freight can also be handled by rail and road.

Air Freight

Speed For Your Goods
Make air freight easy

Providing Superior Air Freight, Air Charter and Ground Expedited Freight Services Nationwide. SASL also provides Air cargo services to the clients who need their cargo need to be moved quickly and efficiently by air.


And Cargo
Trust us to lead the way

SASL is a global provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions. Our modern facilities feature a blend of systems and equipment which lower our customer’s warehousing and distribution costs and increases our service levels. We offer value added services of packaging, bundling, labeling, inspection and quality control services.

South Asia Shipping And Logistics

At SASL the goal is to provide innovative supply chain solutions that challenge the status quo. Entrusted with the world’s freight, we provide Ocean Freight (FCL), Ocean Freight consolidations (LCL), air freight, out-of-gauge cargo, and over-theroad transport of goods and commodities. We work on all types of commodities and freight sizes from both commercial and private clients. Our 20+ years of employee experience will give you peace of mind that your shipment arrives timely, safely & at the best cost.


To sustain a superior service in international freight forwarding, from the development and identification of integrated logistics solutions


Connecting people, businesses, and communities to a better future through logistics


Doing the right thing. Taking personal responsibility to provide personal service. Dedicating ourselves to excellence

Why Choose us

As we move up in the service industry, our mission remains the same, that is to consistently deliver value to our clients

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The people who build

South Asia Shipping and Logistics

Join heads and works on a detailed global freight forwarding system which is powered by a state-of-the-art IT system. The team of individuals is trained to handle the dynamic nature of the supply chain business with professionalism and responsibility.

SASL tends to recruit, train, and progress with the best people in the trade. You can too avail the opportunity to work with a bunch of motivated and professional individuals.

SASL forwarding services

to a diverse range

of industries

We strive to keep both modern shipping and handling freight techniques parallel to each other including all sectors of interest. SASL works to be trusted amongst all for their respective logistic concerns.

  • Textile industry
    Textile industry
  • Shipping Logistics
    Shipping Logistics
  • Sports Goods
    Sports Goods
  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage
  • Health Care
    Health Care
  • Leather Products
    Leather Products
  • Agriculture
  • Garments & Madeups
    Garments & Madeups
  • Oil & Gas Industry
    Oil & Gas Industry